What to Play in April: 'Persona 5,' Old Games Remastered and Creepy Indie Horror

The cruelest month is anything but for fans of Nineties nostalgia and dude-bro shooters

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'Outlast 2' Red Barrels Games

Outlast 2

Even if you didn't play the first Outlast game you probably saw the reaction videos bouncing around YouTube. (Spoiler: lots of screaming.) The game was notable for dropping you into a particularly unlucky asylum and expecting you to run and hide, not stand and fight. Outlast 2, coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One, takes the first-person horror action to a creepy cult in the Arizona desert and the protagonist, video journalist Blake Langermann, spends the game completely at the mercy of the batteries for the night vision mode on his video camera and his own eyesight. In a novel gameplay twist, the game takes into account the fact that he wears glasses, and if they're knocked off his face your view of the surroundings is obscured. The game made headlines recently when it was almost banned in Australia because of a scene involving "implied sexual violence" during a ritualistic orgy – something that has since been changed for the final release. 

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