What to Play in April: 'Persona 5,' Old Games Remastered and Creepy Indie Horror

The cruelest month is anything but for fans of Nineties nostalgia and dude-bro shooters

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'Little Nightmares' Bandai Namco

Little Nightmares

After years spent working on the Little Big Planet games for Sony’s Vita handheld – the most kid-friendly, cuddly games imaginable – Swedish studio Tarsier goes digging deep into its id with Little Nightmares. A Grimm’s Fairy Tales-meets-Limbo adventure, this dark and decidedly twisted take on the puzzle platformer has you making your way through a mysterious vessel called The Maw as a little girl, “Six” while trying to avoid a series of gruesome deaths that may or may not involve meat cleavers and/or meat grinders. The whole thing is dripping with atmosphere as well as dread, thanks to it’s Wallace & Gromit art style and creepy lighting effects.

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