What to Play in April: 'Persona 5,' Old Games Remastered and Creepy Indie Horror

The cruelest month is anything but for fans of Nineties nostalgia and dude-bro shooters

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'Dragon Quest Heroes 2' Square Enix

Dragon Quest Heroes 2

If Method Man is willing to come out as a Dynasty Warriors fan, then maybe we shouldn't be so quick to dismiss its penchant for mindless, wanton mass-slaughter. The Dragon Quest Heroes games are another solid argument, marrying the legendary Japanese RPG series' aesthetics and conventions – like bulbous, adorable slimes, and hulking, yet equally-adorable golems – with Dynasty Warriors' undeniable violent immediacy. It's evidently worked out just fine the first time around, as the sequel – Dragon Quest Heroes 2 will be out for PlayStation 4 on April 25. Already available in Japan, it got stellar reviews from notable games mag Famitsu, which is as good a sign as you can get.

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