The Weird and Wonderful Video Game Debuts of Every 'Injustice 2' Hero

From a Superman whose powers include pausing an Atari game, to a Flash who can't run

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Supergirl, Doctor Fate, Black Adam, Atrocitus
DC / Sony Online20/22

Supergirl, Doctor Fate, Black Adam, Atrocitus

"The House of El has a new hero," says a trailer for Injustice 2, zeroing in on Supergirl. And for all intents and purposes, so do video games when it comes to Superman's cousin. You have to wonder how it took the vast scope of an MMO to finally include her, but it wasn't until DC Universe Online that Kara Zor-El held any role in gaming whatsoever. Over the last six years in DCUO, the cover girl for the Injustice 2 Deluxe Digital Edition has done everything from hang out at the Justice League Watchtower to join – and fight – player avatars in battle, and you can even play as her in Legends PvP mode. (The same can be said for Power Girl, a Premiere Skin for Supergirl available as part of the Ultimate Edition.)

Much less surprising than Supergirl, DCUO also marks the gaming debuts of the sorcerous Doctor Fate, the villainous Black Adam, and super-angry Red Lantern Corps founder Atrocitus. Like Kara, you'll find them throughout the game as NPCs or taking more active roles, and all of them are also playable in Legends PvP mode.

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