The Weird and Wonderful Video Game Debuts of Every 'Injustice 2' Hero

From a Superman whose powers include pausing an Atari game, to a Flash who can't run

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Robin (Damian Wayne)
DC / Warner Bros.21/22

Robin (Damian Wayne)

Casual Batman fans might not know that Batman is a dad. Yep – a 1987 story called "Son of the Demon" ended with Ra's al Ghul's daughter Talia secretly giving birth to Bruce's son. The notion was unpopular with fans and largely written out of continuity until writer Grant Morrison brought back the idea of the Bat-spawn in 2006. Soon enough, he became the fifth young crimefighter to don the Robin costume – just with more of a League of Assassins edge to him – and Lego Batman 2 was the first game to acknowledge him, playable for Xbox 360 and PS3 via DLC.

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