The Weird and Wonderful Video Game Debuts of Every 'Injustice 2' Hero

From a Superman whose powers include pausing an Atari game, to a Flash who can't run

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Blue Beetle and Captain Cold
DC / Warner Bros.19/22

Blue Beetle and Captain Cold

If you didn't catch Batman: The Brave and the Bold when it was on Cartoon Network, then you missed out on one of the most charmingly unique takes on the Caped Crusader since Adam West donned his tights in 1966. The Wii game developed by WayForward played very much like an episode of the show, never taking itself too seriously, and teaming Batman with other heroes from the DC Universe. Among these was the Blue Beetle, who himself was fully playable. A later level took Batman and the Green Lantern to an Arctic climate, where they whaled on Captain Cold and other Rogues usually associated with the Flash.

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