The Games That Got 'Alien' Right

There have been a lot of 'Alien'-related video games over the years, but only a select few have captured the atmosphere of the movies

Alien (1984)
Argus Press Software1/6

Alien (1984)

The home computer adaptation of Alien did not mess around. Immediately after you chose the difficulty setting a message informed you a crewmember had been killed, chosen at random to be host for the chestburster. Also randomized: which member of the crew was secretly an android working against you. That mattered because while you were in charge of the film's cast, you weren't in complete control. You sent them across the three decks of the Nostromo to collect equipment and round up the cat, and had to hope they had enough morale to follow orders. Morale could be affected by claustrophobia or finding a body, and you were never entirely sure how they'd cope when the alien showed up, suddenly filling the screen and turning everything frantic.