The Games That Got 'Alien' Right
Glixel / Konami

There have been over 30 games based on the Alien movies, going all the way back to a reskinned Pac-Man clone in 1982 for the Atari 2600 with xenomorphs instead of ghosts and flamethrowers instead of power pills. It was terrible. There's been good (you played Alien: Isolation, right?) along with the bad (the obligatory kick to the body of Gearbox Software's awful 2013 Aliens: Colonial Marines goes here), and there's been plenty of variety. Given that the movies leapt from a horror story that portrayed a spaceship as a haunted house to a sci-fi version of a Vietnam flick to uh, whatever the hell Alien 3 was – it's no surprise the video games have similarly jumped from genre to genre. As the latest movie, Alien Covenant, opens nationwide, we gathered together the ones that captured the essence of the Alien universe, or at least were fun to play.