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Boss Key Productions


Cliff Bleszinski is out of his cage and finally making another video game. The dude has stayed remarkably quiet since leaving Epic Games after Gears of War 3, and there was some speculation that maybe, after years of generating high-tech killing machines, that he might redirect his energy somewhere off the beaten path.

That hasn’t happened. Like, at all. In some ways LawBreakers is the most Cliff Bleszinski-game ever. A futuristic cops-and-robbers arena shooter where everyone has a jetpack and the best players never even touch the ground. Blizzard's Overwatch is the obvious comparison, considering all the roles in LawBreakers come with a suite of abilities and an ultimate of some sort, but the tone is right in line with that grim, gun-metal fantasy Bleszinski is famous for. There are some games where DJs heal you with dance music, and there are some games where dudes strap chainsaws to the bottom of their machine guns. I played exactly one round and grapple-hook’d my way onto an enemy player’s face and immediately cut him down with a katana. If LawBreakers brings those thrills on a regular basis, it’ll find its mark.