The Coolest Games of PAX East

The Boston-based fan event plays host to one of the most impressive lineups of indie games in the world

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Serial Cleaner

Serial Cleaner is kinda like a macabre, satirical Pac-Man. You play a greasy ‘70s mobster who’s instructed to scrub a crime scene clean. You do that by picking up evidence, dodging cops, and dumping bodies into the back of your sedan. It’s played from a top-down perspective, so I make the Pac-Man comparison because you will routinely find yourself trying to vacuum up blood while juking a police officer in the same way you might misdirect Blinky and Pinky. It’s pretty funny, and the sleek, Kentucky Route Zero-ish art style really puts you in the mood for some vintage cloak and dagger. This is the first time Polish developer iFun4All is building something beyond your usual iPhone freemium shovelware, and they all seem incredibly excited by the game they’ve pulled together. They just signed a publishing deal with Curve Digital, so expect a release date soon.

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