The Coolest Games of PAX East
'The Darwin Project', from Scavengers Studio is a colorful riff on 'The Hunger Games' Scavengers Studio

The Penny Arcade Expo – or PAX – is one of the few places in the video game industry where you get to watch dreams made in real-time and there's nothing quite like watching a microscopic booth slowly assemble a ton of momentum for an underdog game over the course of a few days. At the latest PAX event in Boston this past weekend, there were plenty of opportunities to do just that. Sure, you can still play a Mass Effect demo and buy an Overwatch shirt, but I do love how everyone – fans, media, industry executives – comes to this expo with the desire to be blown away by something completely unexpected. I played a lot of games during my three days in Beantown, and these are the ones that made the biggest impression.