The 25 Best Superhero Games of All Time

Before 2009 a list of the best superhero games would have been embarrassingly short – 1999's Superman 64, for example, is famously one of the worst games ever made – but following the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum things changed. Just as Iron Man revitalized superhero movies a year before it, Rocksteady's Batman simulator helped to change what we thought was possible by perfectly capturing what made Gotham's Dark Knight so interesting in the first place: his ability to think as well as fight. Since then the genre has become a mainstay, sometimes adapting existing superheroes, sometimes letting us build our own. As this year's superhero movie season kicks off, here's our list of the 25 games that got costumed capers right – including one or two pre-Arkham gems that kept the flame alive during the bad old years.