The 10 Most 'Twin Peaks' Video Games

From 'Alan Wake' and 'Deadly Premonition' to 'Zelda: Link's Awakening' – these games owe David Lynch's cult show a serious debt

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Released in September 2016 for PC/Mac, Xbox One and PS4, Virginia eschews dialogue in favor of more cinematically-minded jump cuts, dissolves and other editing devices in order to advance the story along. Set in 1992, a pair of FBI agents are out to investigate a murder (noticing a trend in these games yet?) in the titular state of Virginia. Seemingly two parts X-Files, one part Twin Peaks, the game marries a by-the-books police procedural with a dreamlike flow of images and scenes. Virginia leans into the Lynchian method of allowing players to interpret what’s happening rather than spell it out for them clearly. While the meaning behind the game’s nonlinear ending has lead to a healthy open debate, its methodical pace and air of mystery recall Coop's initial days investigating Laura Palmer's disappearance. 

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