The 10 Most 'Twin Peaks' Video Games

From 'Alan Wake' and 'Deadly Premonition' to 'Zelda: Link's Awakening' – these games owe David Lynch's cult show a serious debt

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Silent Hill 2

Dialing up the intensity, Konami’s Silent Hill series plays like a more nightmarish take on many of the narrative ideas put forth in Twin Peaks, such as missing persons, alternate realities, demonic possessions. Those ideas are probably crystallized the most in the second entry in the series, as it expands and refines the series’s scope and shows how the town of Silent Hill manifests each resident’s psyche. Producer Akihiro Imamura specifically mentioned Lynch's work, and Twin Peaks in particular, as influential on the games. The series' brand of disturbing psychological horror hits upon a level of Lynchian terror, with abrupt, violent sexual undertones and unsettling imagery interspersed with intrigue as James Sunderland searches for his (previously deceased) wife.

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