The 10 Most 'Twin Peaks' Video Games

From 'Alan Wake' and 'Deadly Premonition' to 'Zelda: Link's Awakening' – these games owe David Lynch's cult show a serious debt

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Puzzle Agent

While TellTale Games has garnered widespread acclaim for their episodic adventure games based on existing properties, like The Walking Dead or the recently-released Guardians of the Galaxy, the pair of Puzzle Agent iOS games in 2010 and 2011 are undersung Twin Peaks-inspired Professor Layton-alike gems made in collaboration with cartoonist Graham Annable that are worth checking out. Agent Nelson Tethers of the Puzzle Research Division of the FBI is dispatched to Scoggins, MI with a vital mission: the White House's go-to eraser factory has stopped working, and he needs to get things running again. Along the way, Tethers runs into a mountain of brainteasers, intrigue, and eccentric characters, all with a healthy Midwestern slant; players are introduced to the Minnesotan tradition of hotdish pretty early on, even if Tethers politely declines a serving. TellTale wrapped what was essentially a straight-ahead puzzle game in a surprisingly engaging, even thrilling, story full of otherworldly plot twists revolving around cults and hidden societies. While the sequel's story unravels a bit towards the end, Puzzle Agent feels like an interactive episode of Fargo directed by David Lynch that's not to be missed.

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