The 10 Most 'Twin Peaks' Video Games

From 'Alan Wake' and 'Deadly Premonition' to 'Zelda: Link's Awakening' – these games owe David Lynch's cult show a serious debt

Deadly Premonition

If you were to wake up in a universe where Twin Peaks was so popular that kids still went to school with Double R Diner lunchboxes and wore store-bought Dale Cooper costumes for Halloween, Deadly Premonition is the closest thing we've got to an obligatory licensed video game spinoff. A deadpan FBI agent – Agent Francis York – is summoned to the Pacific Northwest to investigate the mysterious murder of a teenage girl. Along the way, he’s summoned to "the Red Room" and "the White Room," manifestations of good and evil while he dictates his journey to an unseen partner. Much like Twin Peaks' Cooper dictates his progress to the mysterious Diane on his tape recorder, York talks to an invisible partner, Zach.

While York hunts down the Raincoat Killer, the townspeople of Greenvale, WA go about their daily lives, scripting every character's mundane detail – if you want to spy on the local sheriff’s morning routine while he brushes his teeth, you can do just that. Beyond simply adhering to a few narrative similarities, Deadly Premonition comes the closest to championing the inherent mundanity of small-town America and its underlying danger. Originally released for the Xbox 360 in 2010 and re-released as a Director's Cut for the PS3 and PC in 2015, a Kickstarter is currently underway to turn Deadly Premonition into a card-based board game