'Overwatch' Character Power Rankings – April 2017
Newcomer Orisa and Zenyatta from 'Overwatch' Blizzard Entertainment/Glixel

If you couldn't tell by the 25 million players, or the fertile pro scene, or the startlingly robust porn subculture that spans smutty fanart to full-on pro parodies, Overwatch is a pretty big deal. On the surface, it's just a team-based arena shooter with roots in mainstays like Quake, Halo, and Team Fortress 2, but its vibrant cast of characters and tried-and-true Blizzard polish has turned the game into a genuine cultural phenomenon. Everyone thought Overwatch would be successful, but I don't think people expected it to spawn several highly-specific character shipping campaigns, or one of the most committed cosplay scenes in the world.

In February, we published our first "ranking" of the Overwatch characters. It wasn't a "tier-list" – we weren't analyzing statistical advantages of, like, D.Va’s health pool. Instead, we looked on the more intangible things the characters were stirring within the community. Who was inspiring the most fan art? Who had the best memes? The most detailed cosplay? Competitive viability still mattered, but it wasn’t our focus. Today, we’re revealing the second edition of our rankings, which factor in recent developments like Bastion’s buff, the key revelation about Symmetra, and Orisa’s debut. Enjoy the list, and if you’re wondering, yes, we feel terrible for Torbjörn.