Flashback: In Defense of Namco's Bizarre 1987 'Star Wars' Game

Making sense of the most nonsensical Star Wars game ever

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Every 'A New Hope' games treats the opening crawl in its own way, each with its own great interpretation of John Williams' Star Wars theme. (Left to right: Namco's 'Star Wars,' Atari's 'Star Wars,' 'Super Star Wars')8/8


Though Star Wars NES tends to get a little iffy with some of its original music, no retro game that adapted A New Hope fails to impress musically. For Namco's Star Wars, Kawada worked with a senior sound designer whom he does not name but describes as "a pioneer in the field of game music, with extensive experience in and knowledge of orchestration. We took key sections of the score and adapted them so the parts that remain sound like an arrangement of the score. Even now when I see [him], we talk about how difficult that was back then."

Still can't be as difficult as the game itself, though.

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