Flashback: In Defense of Namco's Bizarre 1987 'Star Wars' Game

Making sense of the most nonsensical Star Wars game ever

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General Heroics
Two of the best views of Rookie One you'll ever get in 'Rebel Assault'7/8

General Heroics

While few who remember playing Star Wars: Rebel Assault in its heyday would rush to call it a great game, almost all would remark about the amazing first impression it made. As one of the first PC games to rely solely on CD-ROM technology, Rebel Assault ruled the display screens at Egghead Software locations across the land in 1993 and was later ported to Sega CD and 3DO. But then you played it and it just felt…wrong.

For as out-there as Namco's Star Wars may get, at least you're Luke Skywalker the whole time. Not a character named Rookie One whose most defining character moment came in Rebel Assault II when he complained about still being known as Rookie One. Rebel Assault takes us through a "greatest hits" retelling of the first two movies, where the Battle of Hoth occurs before the destruction of the Death Star – which gets destroyed not by Luke, but by Rookie One. Rebel Assault is a true oddity in Star Wars gaming history, yet no one complained back in the day. 'Cause games were finally talking, and that was neat.  

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