Flashback: The Best Games of 1997

With Sony and Nintendo riding high as Sega faltered, this one year defined genres and built franchises like almost no other

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Gran Turismo
Sony Interactive Entertainment 8/13

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo was the best-selling game on the PlayStation, and its sequel would go on to be the third best-selling game. A lot of kids who grew up on games had become young adults by 1997, and hit the age where a certain kind of person becomes obsessed with fast cars. There were 140 they could dream about owning in Gran Turismo, each a high-fidelity model of a real automobile right down to the handling. Throwing out the arcade-style trappings of many racing games Gran Turismo was a serious business simulation, one that required earning new levels of driver's license to work your way up through race brackets and spending prize money on not just new cars but also new parts and tuning for them. At the time it was the closest you could get to the real thing on a TV.

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