Flashback: The Best Games of 1997

With Sony and Nintendo riding high as Sega faltered, this one year defined genres and built franchises like almost no other

GoldenEye 007

GoldenEye 007

Before Halo, the idea you could get a decent first-person shooter on console was something to be scoffed at – yet GoldenEye 007 managed it. Initially developed as an on-rails shooter, months into development the team got ambitious and freed the player to roam around its levels as they pleased. Inspired by its spy fiction source material, GoldenEye added multiple objectives and some rudimentary stealth, and had enemies who were headshottable rather than being boring bullet sponges. But it was really the multiplayer that made it. Varied modes, like the ones that gave all players giant heads or weapons that could shoot through walls, made it a blast to play on the couch.