Fall Video Game Preview 2016: What You Need to Play

From sci-fi shooters and sprawling, epic adventures to a brand new 'Pokémon'

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'PlayStation VR' (PS4 – October 13)

Whether it's the great leap forward for mass-market virtual reality that the technology so desperately needs, or a $400 too-little, too-early answer to a question no one's yet asking – PlayStation VR will come out swinging. With zombies, a super-hero and the starship Enterprise in tow in the form of Resident Evil 7, Batman Arkham VR and Star Trek Bridge Crew, an instant VR esports play in the mech shooter RIGS, and trippy abstract head-turners Rez Infinite and SuperHyperCube, among others – there will be plenty of shots at the goal. But even with sci-fi stalwart EVE bringing up the rear with dogfighter Valkyrie and turret-shooter Gunjack, this feels like a launch that's still looking for its killer app. Help may arrive in the form of the Force – EA drops its Star Wars: X-Wing VR Mission DLC this year, free for all current Star Wars Battlefront players. 

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