Fall Video Game Preview 2016: What You Need to Play

From sci-fi shooters and sprawling, epic adventures to a brand new 'Pokémon'

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'Dishonored 2' (Xbox One, PS4, PC – November 11)

French studio Arkane (whose Texan outpost is busy bringing the Prey franchise back to life) returns to the Half-Life-meets-steampunk world it drew so perfectly in 2012's brilliant Dishonored. Sequel Dishonored 2 leaves the gray Victorian skies of Dunwall behind, and sets sail for the altogether sunnier – but no less deadly – Karnaca (think colonial Cuba), where the now all-grown-up and recently deposed empress, Emily Kaldwin, works with her father Corvo Attano to reclaim her throne. Stealth moves, supernatural attacks, plot twists and palace intrigue are the order of the day once again as you make your way through expansive levels, this time playing as either protagonist. Arkane, perhaps more than any other studio, is doing more to keep the spirit of Half-Life not just alive, but evolving. Dishonored 2 will almost certainly be a must-buy come November for anyone perennially desperate to scratch that particular story-meets-mechanics itch. 

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