Fall Video Game Preview 2016: What You Need to Play

From sci-fi shooters and sprawling, epic adventures to a brand new 'Pokémon'

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'Battlefield 1' (Xbox One, PS4, PC – October 21)

For the most part, video games have tended to steer clear of tackling The Great War. Maybe it was for fear that the clunky, slow technology would prove too boring, or that the intimate nature of the combat too brutal, but outside of more ponderous strategy titles, WWI is an unexplored era. Battlefield 1 looks to change that. It takes the core Battlefield formula with its jaw-dropping gigantic environments and multiplayer focus (there is a campaign mode, but who cares? All the real juice is for the online modes) and pushes it back in time, filling it with biplanes, tanks, armored trains and the bravest, toughest horses you've ever seen.

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