Apesh*t: 10 Terrible Gorilla Games

A brief journey through the ignominious history of simian games

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Breeding Game Gorilla With You
'Breeding Game Gorilla With You' T_DASH3/10

3. Breeding Game Gorilla With You

It's hard to know what's going on in the mobile tamagotchi thing called Breeding Game Gorilla With You. Press one button and bananas hurtle toward your the gorilla making a clinking sound that doesn't stop until long after the banana flow ceases, when you either send the gorilla to sleep or try to play the shitty banana-collecting platformer that is its other mode. You get the sense everything about it was translated through several languages, and had a few adventures along the way. Let me just quote from the description:

“I want to take a look at this animal, curiosity is stimulated! !

Anyway, do let I observe such creatures of this gorilla ...

This app is Ultra-gorilla-based game! The name is [Gorilla with you]

Anyway, let's Breeding gorilla!”

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