Apesh*t: 10 Terrible Gorilla Games
In honor of the the new 'King Kong' movie coming out today, we present you a list. Glixel

Gorillas have been a mainstay of video games since Nintendo released Donkey Kong in 1981, and with a new King Kong movie coming out today – Legendary Pictures' Kong: Skull Island – and this being the internet, it's tongue-in-cheek list time! Our digital simian friends have found work in games as villains and heroes and even father figures (keep an eye out for my thinkpiece Gorillas, the Original Video Game Dads). And yet, so many of the games about gorillas – and other primates, let's not let games about monkeys off the hook here – have been woeful. Just fucking wretched. We've had 36 years of ape games and yet the majority of them have been the equivalent of that video of the monkey drinking his own urine.

Here are my personal picks for 10 of the worst.