All the Nintendo Switch Games You Can Buy at Launch (and How Much They Cost)

Every game that's available on day one, and how much they'll all cost

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'Super Bomberman R' Konami

Super Bomberman R

Although the graphics are prettier and have a more contemporary style than the old games, Super Bomberman R is a return to form for the 34-year-old party-battle game series. The gameplay is fundamentally the same as it has always been – you place bombs in a maze to take out your rivals – and it captures the same crazy, frenetic action that we've all fallen in love with at one time or another. The game features 50 different stages that you can play through either alone or cooperatively with a friend, and its multiplayer "last-man-standing" battle mode supports up to 8 players via local connection or online. You'll be able to download the game from the eShop, or pick it up in stores.

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