All the Nintendo Switch Games You Can Buy at Launch (and How Much They Cost)

Every game that's available on day one, and how much they'll all cost

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Nintendo Switch Parental Controls App
'Nintendo Switch Parental Controls App' Nintendo10/10

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls App

OK, it's not a game and it's not on the Switch itself, but if you want to track and control what your family is playing on the Switch, you'll want to download this for your phone (it's available for iPhone and Android). You can set limits on how long or how late the Nintendo Switch console can be used each day, and when the time limit has been reached, you'll get a notification so you can lay down the law. The app will also totally narc on your kids and tell you if the Switch stays on past this time limit. If needed (and you want to make yourself super-unpopular with the kids in your house) you can even set the system to automatically interrupt the game when the time's up. The app also lets you set content restrictions, track play times, and limit online features like sharing in-game text messages or whether or not your kids are allowed to post screenshots to social media.

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