6 Things We Want from 'Star Wars Battlefront 2'

How this year's sequel could learn from contemporary shooters, and bring us the 'Star Wars' shooter we crave

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Vehicles You Can Walk Up To and Get In
No more icons for vehicles, let us get in the ships that are sitting in the hangar EA DICE6/6

Vehicles You Can Walk Up To and Get In

One of the strangest differences between the original Battlefront games and the 2015 entry was the way vehicles were handled. Instead of living in the environment vehicles in the last game were reduced to floating icons that you scrambled towards to pick-up. This made them feel far less integral to the experience, and was an odd concession to being very "video gamey" rather than believably Star Warsy. It made transitioning from on-foot to the cockpit an unwelcome, jarring experience.

Instead, give us vehicles that look impressive and fully realized before we jump into them. There’s something compelling about seeing an X-wing sitting on a landing pad, knowing that you can go jump into it and rocket off into the atmosphere in pursuit of a TIE fighter. And while the integration of planetary vehicles with ground vehicles was always a bit clumsy in those old games, some of the ridiculous results of, say, an X-Wing trying to take out a land speeder were a core part of the old games’ charm. We need more of that kind of mayhem, not less, and flying and driving should feel just as fun and responsive as running around with a blaster rifle.

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