6 Things We Want from 'Star Wars Battlefront 2'

How this year's sequel could learn from contemporary shooters, and bring us the 'Star Wars' shooter we crave

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Modular Maps, New Ones for Free
Hopefully the maps for 'Battlefront 2' will be able to adapt to every game mode from day one EA DICE5/6

Modular Maps, New Ones for Free

One of the constraints that made the first game feel so sparse was the way certain modes were only playable on particular maps (there were only two places to play Walker Assault, for example) or even only on certain portions of selected maps. The DLC content eventually tackled this issue in a somewhat more satisfying way and made the maps feel much more modular and suited to a variety of modes. Battlefront 2 needs to apply that logic to all of its maps from the offing so that every locale can accommodate every game mode. Additional content added in post-release should feel additive rather than like it’s shrinking or splitting the player base.

To be really radical (for them, at least) it would be good to see EA and DICE take a far more contemporary approach to map distribution. Rather than siloing new locations in paid DLC that fragments the audience, following Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege's lead by giving maps to everyone and then charging for customization options would ensure that the audience stays loyal and competitive.

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