6 Things We Want From 'Destiny 2'

How Bungie's eagerly awaited sequel could fix the missteps of the original and be truly great

Open Worlds Worth Exploring
Blood Gulch from Bungie's 'Halo 2' Bungie1/6

Open Worlds Worth Exploring

Looking back at Bungie's tortured masterpiece, Halo 2, it's weird to note how much bigger the environments in that game feel compared to those in Destiny. Using public MMO-style spaces, as Destiny does, makes perfect design sense; recycling the same area for different events and missions over the course of a game's life is simply an efficient use of resources. But that doesn't matter as much to me, the player, when I've spent x number of hours patrolling the same narrow stretch of Old Russia, opening loot chests and shooting the same handful of enemy mobs over and over.

I don't expect to see environments like the ones in, say, Mass Effect: Andromeda in Destiny 2, but it'd be nice to have a reason to venture beyond the beaten path and go poking around in more of the sort of cave systems we saw in the first game. Would it hurt to make those treasure-hunting tangents on Venus worthwhile for the sort of person who finds joy in exploring? I'd take scouring an alien landscape for hidden loot chests over the "Three of Coins" slot-machine system – where I buy one of Xur's rare consumables and then pray to RNGeezus for the hand cannon of my dreams – any day of the week.