6 Things We Want From 'Destiny 2'

How Bungie's eagerly awaited sequel could fix the missteps of the original and be truly great

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Accessible, Cohesive Storytelling

Accessible, Cohesive Storytelling

Destiny's issues with storytelling are well known. What would a great Destiny narrative look like, then, if not a disjointed series of prose vignettes and a handful of cutscenes?

The Taken KingDestiny's third expansion – comes pretty close to an answer. The problem with The Taken King, though, is that it's short – far shorter than the 100 hours Jones spoke of in "Pathways Out of Darkness," and certainly not the best way to begin a 10-year journey across the solar system.

A great Destiny game should make proper use of the phenomenal cast at its disposal – not just Nathan Fillion's Cayde-6, brilliant as he is, but also characters like the Warlock Vanguard Ikora Rey (Firefly's Gina Torres), the scheming Dead Orbit leader Arach Jalaal (Peter Stormare), and the mysterious Speaker (Bill Nighy). It should have a sense of humor and challenging, exciting enemies to raise the stakes for our Guardians, but most of all it should have a sense of focus.

We can make excuses all day for why the first Destiny kept hopping from one plotline to the next without warning, or why it seemed to fixate on the Hive while leaving so many other species underdeveloped. This is getting into the weeds, but I can't find one good reason why we never again saw the Exo Stranger after the base campaign, or why there should be an Iron Temple filled with newly christened Iron Lords, when the Guardians of the Last City are already doing a serviceable job of preserving civilization from the Tower.

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