5 Things We Learned Playing 'Knack 2' With Mark Cerny

Unexpected PS4 sequel doubles-down on co-op and family-friendly play

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It's still very much a family-friendly game
Playing 'Knack 2' on easy removes the more challenging platform-style elements Sony Interactive Entertainment4/5

It's still very much a family-friendly game

"We want to attract multiple audiences for this," Cerny explains. "If you play on easy mode it actually changes the way a lot of the levels are structured and there's a different path through the game that avoids the harder platforming sections. We found that people that aren't necessarily familiar with the Dual Shock can really struggle with them." A number of times throughout our time playing the game with Cerny, he pointed out sections where the game would branch and play more like the first if you were on easy. Any sections that required skilled placement of Knack on the screen would be completely avoided, he noted.

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