5 Things We Learned Playing 'Knack 2' With Mark Cerny

Unexpected PS4 sequel doubles-down on co-op and family-friendly play

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It's a proper co-op game now

It's a proper co-op game now

"Co-op in the first game was kind of an afterthought," says Cerny. "It went in right at the end, and that's why it's not really the focus of the game." If you played the original Knack, you'll no doubt remember how frustrating it was that it was asymmetric and the second on-screen character was a seemingly inconsequential "Robo Knack" and served little more than a support role. The second character was so much of an afterthought that the game's camera didn't even track its location. "We head from a lot of people that they liked to play co-op, and that's definitely what made it a good family game," Cerny says. "We heard a lot of people say that they would play with siblings or friends, or parents would play it with their kids. For this game we built it as a co-op experience from the beginning. There's no story explanation for the second Knack character on screen, we just made it so both characters are equally important but the second player can drop in and out. There's not a moment in the new game where the second player isn't involved."

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