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5 Things We Learned Playing 'Knack 2' With Mark Cerny

Unexpected PS4 sequel doubles-down on co-op and family-friendly play

It's a platformer, not just a brawler now
'Knack 2' introduces moving platforms, and more elaborate jumping puzzles than were seen in the first game Sony Interactive Entertainment1/5

It's a platformer, not just a brawler now

"Knack 1 was much more focused on combat," says Cerny, "but we got a lot of feedback from players that they wanted it to have more platforming levels." Whereas the original rarely saw Knack doing much more than hopping over rocks or moving around levels with some steps in them, Knack 2 has plenty of sections with moving platforms and gameplay ideas borrowed from classic 2D platform games. Many of the environmental puzzles that this presents will also require players to change Knack's size on the fly – sometimes mid-jump so he can squeeze through gaps before landing on a platform and re-expanding to his full size.