5 Things We Learned Playing 'Knack 2' With Mark Cerny

Unexpected PS4 sequel doubles-down on co-op and family-friendly play

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It has first-person tank combat
Even the first person tank combat sections can be played co-op. One of you controls the tank, while the other controls the weapons Sony Interactive Entertainment5/5

It has first-person tank combat

If you played the first game, you'll recall that the goblins had all kinds of war machinery that knack would have to go up against – particularly tanks. This time you don't just have to pummel them, you can also shrink Knack down to his smallest size and trundle around in them. When you do this, the game shifts to a Battlezone-style first person combat game. Here you can deflect shots with a shield, blast goblins with a huge gun or run them over. As with every other section of the game, this can be played cooperatively. If there are two of you playing, one player controls the tank's movement while the other controls the weapons systems.

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