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1. Golgoroth (King's Fall)

"Golgoroth – at least when not done via the 'one orb strat' – is the best raid encounter in Destiny. We go back to this concept of 'controlled chaos' and how Aksis was very communication heavy. Golgoroth is also communication heavy, but is also much more active on the field. With Aksis, you have people running around with cannons and shooting the servitors. But then there's three people just standing on each side, and they're like, 'Okay, my bomb's down. Throw. I'm just going to wait for my next one. Throw.'

"With Golgoroth, everyone is constantly moving and shifting and needs to be aware of their surroundings. You have two people doing the taunting back and forth, which is basically the closest thing that we've gotten to 'tanking' in Destiny. Then you have the people in the pit that need to watch out for cursed thralls all the time – they need to watch out for those explosions that might potentially kill everybody. While there's not as much communication going on, there's a lot more action. Everyone's doing their own job individually, but when it all comes together, it's just this well-oiled machine, and there's a great sense of satisfaction just going through it completely flawlessly.

"This is a boss fight that you could potentially do completely silently, as long as everyone knows that they're doing, and you could completely annihilate it.

"Golgoroth is my number one for that action oriented chaos."