The 5 Best 'Destiny' Raid Encounters According to Top YouTuber Datto

With 'Destiny 2' now confirmed, and as the Age of Triumph approaches, the 'Destiny' star recounts his favorites

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4. Templar (Vault of Glass)

"Templar, at the time, was one of the most tightly-tuned fights in the entire game. It was so incredibly well-tuned that it didn't matter what your level was. It was also always a very intense fight. You could be full level 30's, maxed out armor, maxed out weapons, maxed everything, and Templar could still mess you up. He could still absolutely thrash you if you're not paying attention. It had some randomness in it, but it was controlled randomness. You were basically always in charge though, as long as you knew what to do and you knew your mechanics. We did a 'retro night' to just see what was it like the first week of this raid being out – we went back to do it with a full group of level 29s – and it was an intense encounter every time."

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