The 5 Best 'Destiny' Raid Encounters According to Top YouTuber Datto

With 'Destiny 2' now confirmed, and as the Age of Triumph approaches, the 'Destiny' star recounts his favorites

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3. Oryx (King's Fall)

"Oryx was a pretty nutty encounter just even from the first second you see his head lift from beneath the floor up in front of you. You're just weirded out by the scale. Even though it was a boss that you actually didn't deal any damage to, it was one that had a lot of moving parts, and everyone needed to know their role. Everyone needed to be the correct cog in the machine, moving at the right speed, and everything needed to come together all at the same time: you had two people shooting this thing, you had one person jump on the plate, and you had this guy jumping around the entire map. 'Look out for the tomb ship! Look out for this thing, that thing!'

"It was the 'controlled chaos' of the encounter that I really enjoyed, when there's a lot of individual moving parts and everyone needs to know what they're doing. Some people didn't like that about Oryx – they don't like that it wasn't very 'carry' friendly, where if you took someone who didn't really know what they were doing, it was a bit of a struggle to get through it. But I think it was a good experience for everyone to learn all these different roles. Not only did I need to know my role, I needed to know everyone else's."

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