The 5 Best 'Destiny' Raid Encounters According to Top YouTuber Datto

With 'Destiny 2' now confirmed, and as the Age of Triumph approaches, the 'Destiny' star recounts his favorites

5. Crota (Crota's End)

"I'm not sure if I want to pick Atheon or Crota at number five because I did really like both of them. I think I might give the edge to Crota. Seeing the encounter for the first time, it just felt so vastly, vastly different to Atheon. Having your buddies on the back line, all shooting the shield down while the one guy goes up and gets ready to attack him. I know it's the sort of "hero moment" that Bungie has said they're not sure they really like, but at the time, it was an insanely crazy thing to be doing. It was awesome to rally behind this one guy who's going in to smack Crota.

"It'sa  much different experience compared to the rest of the game. It's close, though. Atheon's like 5.0000001. Right next to Crota."