The 5 Best 'Destiny' Raid Encounters According to Top YouTuber Datto

With 'Destiny 2' now confirmed, and as the Age of Triumph approaches, the 'Destiny' star recounts his favorites

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2. Aksis (Wrath of the Machine)

"Aksis is very well designed in that, first of all, it's a boss that you actually shoot at. It's one of the few final raid bosses that you actually needed to shoot at to deal damage. Another reason why I like it is that there's no waiting. If you have the damage to kill Aksis in one cycle, then you can kill Aksis in one cycle – as opposed to Oryx, who you need to wait for four cycles every single time, no matter what. You can't improve on your time. For Templar, the Oracles always spawn at the same time increments. You can't make them go any faster. Aksis made it so that if you're balling out of control with your damage, you can kill him as fast as you want.

"The communication requirements also were a highlight for me. Everyone needs to be calling out, 'Where's your servitor? Where's this? Where's that? Who's empowered?' Then, the 'empowered' buff switches on people, so you need to recalibrate who's staying where. It's very communication heavy. It's very demanding in terms of that. It's not too demanding in terms of damage, maybe, but it is demanding in a way that I enjoy my raid encounters to be demanding. Everyone's got to know what's going on."

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