The 5 Best 'Destiny' Raid Encounters According to Top YouTuber Datto
Stefan "Datto" Jonke knows a thing or two 'Destiny' raids Activision

Popular Destiny YouTuber and streamer Stefan "Datto" Jonke is cautiously optimistic about the future of the series  – which is to say, the just-announced Destiny 2. "I'm cautious about the future because I am a very hardcore player," he says. "I really like to put everything I've got into gaming." It's kind of an understatement coming from a man who once killed Crota on stream blindfolded – while wielding the sword, no less. According to Datto, the reason he's not letting himself get too excited is because he feels Bungie isn't trying to cater to the top "one percent" of players – the hyper-completionists like him who aim to utterly conquer the games they play. His prescription? "I think Destiny 2 needs to be more than just a bunch more Destiny 1-style content. They need to embrace the RPG side of the game just a little bit more than they have been."

Not a huge surprise when you consider Datto's background. Prior to going all-in on Destiny, he was a hardcore World of Warcraft raider. At his peak in college, he was raiding with the renowned WoW guild Gentlemens Club, but he saw where that road would end. "I graduated college, and two days later, I moved out to California. I realized that if I continue to play WoW, I'd never get a job. I'd never have a career. It was an obsession."

It's ironic that the same impulse that drove him to dominate WoW has resulted in a career as a professional Destiny expert that is very much viable. Datto has over 800,000 followers across YouTube and Twitch, and it's easy to see why: he's a sharp student of Destiny's inner workings, and he's not shy about expressing his opinions about the game. But he's preternaturally patient at the same time, and his enthusiasm and appreciation for the game are evident. You feel like you get better at Destiny by watching Datto play it.

Destiny is starting to wind down, and Bungie is planning to let it go out with a bang, with The Age of Triumph – an in-game event that starts this week that'll run until the lights go out in the Tower. Among a whole bunch of other stuff, the Age of Triumph includes redone versions of all the game's classic raids, from the Vault of Glass to King's Fall. In advance of this renewed era of tryharding, we asked Datto to break down his five favorite raid encounters. Here they are, in his own words.