40 Most Memorable Moments in 'Star Wars' Gaming

Some of our favorite memories from a playable galaxy far, far away

Welcome to gaming, 'Star Wars'

40. Welcome to gaming, 'Star Wars'

Star Wars fans waited five years for gaming to take them to a galaxy far, far away, and Parker Brothers delivered with a better-than-average game for its day. Something between Defender and a sideways Space Invaders, The Empire Strikes Back was also one of the very first games to do something we take for granted today – adapt a movie scene to gameplay. Sure the AT-ATs' armor suddenly wasn't "too strong for blasters," but this was a solid start to the well over 100 games to follow. And seemingly almost as many Battles of Hoth.

Programmer Rex Bradford recalls what it was like to demonstrate the game for some legends of the film industry, who were just a few years away from revolutionizing computer animation: "As a devoted Star Wars fan, I got the huge privilege of showing off the finished game to future Pixar founders Ed Catmull, Loren Carpenter, Alvy Ray Smith, and the rest of the crew that were busy inventing the future of modern computer graphics. They were, um…polite."