40 Most Memorable Moments in 'Star Wars' Gaming

Some of our favorite memories from a playable galaxy far, far away

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The most voice acting you've ever heard in one game

13. The most voice acting you've ever heard in one game

Aiming to top Galaxies in every way – maybe even that pesky World of Warcraft while they were at it – LucasArts and Bioware spared no expense to make The Old Republic the greatest MMO in the galaxy. Beautiful CG shorts created by Blur Studios led the charge in their attempts to impress us early on – and they most certainly did. But how many times have you wished the production budget that went into game promotions actually went into the game itself as well? With The Old Republic, this thankfully wasn't the case, and one in-game feature stood out beyond all else: so many people talked! With the multiple classes and genders represented in an MMO, this is a true rarity – and it took lots of work to pull off.

"At one point there were six of us voice directing, so I was just brought in to help," says David Collins, a longtime audio lead at LucasArts, also known to fans for hosting huge panels at Star Wars Celebration and as Starkiller's droid PROXY in The Force Unleashed. "I spent two weeks in London recording. There were eight player classes, but they're male and female – so that's 16 player characters. And then each of them had their own companion characters. I remember I recorded the male spy and a female Sith for a week solid – just those two actors. And we go through just the lines on one planet. For two of the 16 player characters; not to mention their companions and everyone else that they ran into. We probably recorded that for about three years."

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