40 Most Memorable Moments in 'Star Wars' Gaming

Some of our favorite memories from a playable galaxy far, far away

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Seeing live action 'Star Wars' for the first time since the 'Ewok' movies

33. Seeing live action 'Star Wars' for the first time since the 'Ewok' movies

Billed by LucasArts as "the most anticipated sequel of the decade" (take that, Super Mario World, Mortal Kombat 2, and dozens of other Nineties sequels), Rebel Assault 2 returned us to the alternate Star Wars timeline where the Death Star was instead destroyed by a guy named Rookie One with help from Jake Farrell. The big change this time was replacing digital character art with actual actors – touted in many preview articles as the first live-action Star Wars footage since Return of the Jedi. (Any real Star Wars fan knows that disregarding 1985's Ewoks: The Battle for Endor slights not only the heroics of an entire race, but also Wilford Brimley.) Even though you can probably shoot a better Star Wars movie with your iPhone these days, the promise of Darth Vader returning to live action proved quite the hook for fans.

"We shot full-motion video using actual props and costumes from the archives," says Richard Green, the game's lead artist at LucasArts. "We built a wacky rig for the in-cockpit pilot scenes that consisted of a platform with a chair attached and set atop a huge truck inner-tube. The platform had two-by-fours in an X pattern attached, and we would rock the platform in accordance with the desired action. It was a lot of fun!"

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