40 Most Memorable Moments in 'Star Wars' Gaming

Some of our favorite memories from a playable galaxy far, far away

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Pulling down the Star Destroyer with the Force

9. Pulling down the Star Destroyer with the Force

Former LucasArts Project Lead Haden Blackman used to sum up The Force Unleashed in six words: "Kicking people's ass with the Force." In most cases, that meant personal encounters with enemies – grabbing them with the Force and moving them every which-way, presented in a credible way thank to NaturalMotion's Euphoria animation technology. Or maybe blasting them through a realistically splintering tree thanks to LucasArts' Digital Molecular Matter physics tech. But in the case of the game's most iconic scene, we're talking hundreds of Imperial asses being kicked at once when Starkiller – Darth Vader's secret apprentice – used the Force to crash an entire Star Destroyer into a cannon on the junk planet Raxus Prime. Remember when Yoda said, "Size matters not"? That was legit, and Starkiller proved it.

"The story of the Star Destroyer in The Force Unleashed started in a design meeting, during which the designers kept asking just what I meant by ‘unleashed,'" says Blackman. "How big did we want to go? I finally threw up my hands and said, ‘You should be able to use the Force to pull a Star Destroyer out of the sky.' Amy Beth Christenson, one of our concept artists, happened to be in the room at the time, and she went off and did a striking piece of a Star Destroyer crashing in front of the Apprentice that became a key image throughout development, so we knew we needed to include it from early on. Executing on that was incredibly challenging, and the final sequence isn't perfect, but I think that the moment in the story captures the magnitude of what we were trying to achieve well."

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