40 Most Memorable Moments in 'Star Wars' Gaming

Some of our favorite memories from a playable galaxy far, far away

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One of the best 'Star Wars' parodies of all time births a gaming phenomenon

10. One of the best 'Star Wars' parodies of all time births a gaming phenomenon

When Eidos announced Lego Star Wars: The Video Game, it felt…cute. They basically said, "Hey, we're doing a Lego game based on the Prequel Trilogy that'll come out with Revenge of the Sith." To which most replied, "Cool, but what are LucasArts and The Collective doing with the real Episode 3 game?" But by the time the game was released about a month before the film, everyone had taken notice. Not only was it a good kids game – it was just a good game, period. Everyone loved its tongue-in-cheek take on prequel parody, except for one thing – it wasn't the movies they knew and actually cared about.

But then came Lego Star Wars 2 just a year later to fix that – followed in the years to come by a slew of licensed Lego titles, from Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter to Marvel and, well, Star Wars again with The Clone Wars and The Force Awakens. Meanwhile, Lego Dimensions remains (for now) the last of the true toys-to-life games still standing. Lego titles have effectively replaced the traditional movie game.

"Lego Star Wars was the start of something wonderful," says Jonathan Smith, head of production of TT Games. "We had no idea or expectation that it would be as successful as it turned out, and everyone at TT Games feels incredibly honored to have been able to build on that foundation with new and exciting Lego video games. Each title has completely new elements, but even as we take things in radical new directions, every game still connects right back to that starting point through shared history, knowledge, and artistry."

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