40 Most Memorable Moments in 'Star Wars' Gaming

Some of our favorite memories from a playable galaxy far, far away

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Living the biggest movie battles from the grunt's perspective

18. Living the biggest movie battles from the grunt's perspective

Outside of a movie release, September 21, 2004, was about as big of a single day for Star Wars as there's ever been. For the first time ever, the Star Wars Trilogy was coming to DVD (newly added Hayden Christensen Force ghost included! Yay?), and with it, a huge new Star Wars game. Sorry, Apprentice of the Force from Ubisoft on Game Boy Advance, we're not talking about you. Pandemic's Star Wars Battlefront scratched an itch that gaming had never really touched on before.

"Fans were primed to relive the epic battles from the original films," says the game's director Eric Giz Gewirtz of Battlefront's ideal timing. "At the same time, it let you experience a sense of freedom in the Star Wars universe you had really never felt before. We always talked about Battlefront as a game for the kids who grew up with Star Wars toys but didn't have the opportunity to own the entire collection. Also, as a gamer, it gave you the opportunity to access all the toys on the battlefield at the same time. You want to get on that tauntaun? Go ahead. You want to pilot that AT-AT? Go crazy. You want to run down an Ewok while on a speederbike? Try it."

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