40 Most Memorable Moments in 'Star Wars' Gaming

Some of our favorite memories from a playable galaxy far, far away

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Learning that maybe not all genres are suited to 'Star Wars'

31. Learning that maybe not all genres are suited to 'Star Wars'

Named for a Star Wars martial-arts style invented for the game, the heavily hyped Masters of Teräs Käsi had two big things working in its favor before release: the immensely popular fighting game genre and the power of the Star Wars franchise itself, newly revitalized after the release of the Special Editions earlier in 1997. However, they didn't mix well.

"I doubt you will find anyone defending that one," says Josef Richardson, a former LucasArts art technician for Masters. "It was the first 3D project for most who worked on it and completely out of character for LucasArts at the time. Back then, upper management typically looked at a game that was popular and Star Wars'ed it. At the time, PS1 fighting games were a thing."

"Christina Boyle did the most badass move of all – which naturally got it cut from the game," Richardson recalls. "Dark Luke stepped on Light Luke's thigh, did a handstand on his shoulders, turned 180 degrees, and swung down behind him, snapping his neck."

"I think it's just one for the WTF shelf – the Star Wars Holiday Special of games," says Boyle herself, an animator on the project. "Maybe if it had been campier it would've been more amusing, but Lucasfilm Licensing wouldn't go for crazier things…like Luke snapping necks."

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