40 Most Memorable Moments in 'Star Wars' Gaming

Some of our favorite memories from a playable galaxy far, far away

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Finally, the 'Star Wars' RTS we'd been waiting for

27. Finally, the 'Star Wars' RTS we'd been waiting for

Rebellion confused or overwhelmed most who played it in 1998. Two years later, Force Commander failed to command many decent reviews. Just one year after that, Galactic Battlegrounds played quite well, but just felt like Age of Empires II: Star Wars Edition. Not until 2006 would Star Wars real-time strategy fans get a game approachable to most of great quality that also felt like its own game. Eleven years later, it's still being played.

"We are really pleased with how Empire at War has stayed so popular for so long!" enthuses Petroglyph President Michael Legg, who founded the company with other former Command & Conquer creators who had left Westwood Studios. "While the core game is fun and the review scores on Steam still reflect that today, it's the fans that have done some incredibly awesome things within the modding community. They deserve a huge chunk of the credit for keeping the game alive and the community growing."

Legg credits Battlestar Galactica – at the height of its popularity during the game's development – for inspiring BattleCam, which he believe really sets it apart from other Star Wars RTS games. "After some tweaking, we found that people would get into a big battle, go into BattleCam mode, and then just sit back and watch the action," he says. "The first time you see a Star Destroyer explode and break apart in space while using BattleCam – it's like a movie moment, which was one of the highlights of the game we were shooting for."

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